Sons and Daughters in the Kingdom

This week is the first webcast of a series called “History Makers Mindset”. The format of these will be longer than the typical Monday Motivation but they are packed with great content.

As Christians, when we are born again, that is our spiritual birth. Just like our first birth (the physical one) we start off as babies, then infants, then children and then we mature into sons and daughters.

While we are children, we are still sons & daughters, but we are not given the full benefits until we mature. Same is true in the Kingdom, God will not trust us with our inheritance and Kingdom matters until we are mature enough to handle it. Otherwise we will do damage to both ourselves and others.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the webcast. Share your comments below.

If you are young in your Christian walk, apply the material covered and continue to grow and mature. If you’ve been a Christian for a longer period of time, how are you doing in terms of maturity? If you’re not where you should be, ask the Holy Spirit to help you and remember to apply the second point, effort and labour must be applied to the process.

Kingdom responsibilities and our inheritance will be given to the mature. More on that topic next week.

Have a great week and God bless.

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