My personal story from shy to confident speaker

This week I’ll share my own personal story of being a very shy, introverted, quiet person for many years. After realizing the importance of being able to communicate I was able to move from that mindset to someone who was able to speak confidently in front of others.

I share with the hope that my story will encourage others that live in fear of public speaking.

For many years my shy and quiet personality held me back in school and my career. Once I realized the importance of good communication I became determined to overcome my fear of speaking in public. It is a journey that many find challenging, but anyone can do it.

If this describes you or someone you know. I would strongly encourage you to take my four week course Communicate with Confidence and/or join a Toastmasters group.

You could be the smartest person in the room, you could have great ideas, but if you don’t communicate those ideas effectively then they never become anything more than a thought in your head and die.

Have a great week and make sure you Communicate With Confidence.


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