Three Levels of Serving – Part 1

Level 1 – Volunteering

All of us serve others at some level. If you are employed you serve your employer. If you are self employed, you still serve your customers. Many people do volunteer service for community groups, at church and in Christian ministries.

This week is the first of a three part series where will will examine our perspective on serving. By the end of the series, perhaps I can change your paradigm on how you look at serving.

Volunteering is a voluntary act of freely giving time and labour for community service.

  • Volunteering is a good thing and important for society to function
  • There are many examples of how volunteers contribute to society
    • Food banks, charitable work, kids sports, building homes for those in need, hospitals,  building orphanages in other countries, giving medical services and aid to other countries, fundraising for charitable causes
  • Many charities depend on volunteers to survive.
  • Volunteering is important because it enables individuals to help others in a selfless way. It is giving back to society with no expectations in return.
  • Volunteering can help maintain positive mental and physical health for the volunteer. It provides a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.
  • Berkley University of California states – New research suggests that volunteers aren’t just helping the communities they serve. People who volunteer actually experience a boost in their mental health. (Part of a cause greater than yourself, interaction with others)

While volunteering is good and necessary, consider this;

  • Volunteering is done on your terms and availability. You choose to join and you can leave at any time. (Limited commitment)
  • Your work as a volunteer is a sideline to your primary work (for most).
  • You put in your time and move on to your next task.
  • How many of you volunteer for church or a ministry? Consider that the Bible never uses the word volunteer.

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