What is a Christian?

We use the term “Christian” as a label for people, but what does it really mean? I share my thoughts on this week’s Monday Motivation.

Depending on who you ask, you will get many different answers to the question “What is a Christian?” Some might say one who goes to Church, or if you are born into a Christian family. Many of my church friends would say it is someone who accepted Jesus as saviour.

In order to answer this question, let’s go back to where the term originated. The term “Christian” is first used in the book of Acts to describe the followers (disciples) of Christ. I would suggest that a Christian is a disciple of Christ. But what is a Disciple?

A disciple is the follower of a teacher. One who devotes themselves to the study of their teachings, follows them and lives according to those teachings.

In the same way, I could listen to the instruction of my coach at the gym, but if I don’t apply his teaching to my life and exercise, what have I gained? Nothing! I’ve wasted my time and I’m no further ahead.

The same is true as disciples of Christ (aka Christians). If we don’t study and apply his teachings, what have we gained? Nothing! Our Christianity is of no value to us or the world around us.

If you consider yourself a Christian, my encouragement this week is to look at where you are in your journey as a disciple of Christ? Does your life bring honour to the Kingdom or are you no different than everyone else around you? If you need to make changes there is no condemnation, just encouragement to seek the Lord, ask for help and make the changes necessary to move forward as a disciple of Christ.

Bruce Richardson

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