Communication is Key!

Communicating thoughts, ideas, messages and information is so critical to success in most any endeavor. Think about how many relationships fail because of misunderstandings. We can have great ideas and great intentions, but without good communication they go nowhere.

Communication is a very complex topic with many great books on the subject. In a summary, it is the transfer of information from one person to another.

For communication to be successful not only does it have to be said with clarity, it also has to be received and processed by the other person. Just because they heard you, do they really understand what you said. It helps if you take time to understand the other person, put yourself in their shoes and try to picture how they will receive it. Ask for feedback so you get an understanding of what their perception is.

When you are on the receiving end of communication, do you listen in order to respond or do you listen with the intention of understanding.

Think of a time you had a problem arise because of a misunderstanding (ineffective communication). Think about how many issues could be resolved before they become serious just by better communication.

This week’s Motivation Challenge

  • Take time to think about how you communicate. What can you do to become a more effective communicator?
  • Make a conscious effort to take time to listen with the intent of understanding.
  • Take a course on written or verbal communication or consider Toastmasters.

Have a great week with great communication.


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